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A Dependable Filter Changing Service for Your Commercial Needs

If you are looking for a professional air filter company that can offer you reliable services for your commercial needs, Larry's AC & Heating is the right choice for you. Based in Bartlett, TN, we are well-prepared to take care of your needs and to provide you with the high quality filters you require. Here is a short list of our services.

Filter Changing Service

If the filters in your commercial or industrial air conditioning units need changing, we are the experts that will provide you with a reliable and timely service that is done by the book. With us, you are sure to receive a flawless service that will restore your air conditioning to its normal functionality.

HVAC Maintenance

Although our main service is changing the air conditioning filter of your industrial or commercial system, we can also offer you general maintenance. We work with a crew of qualified, experienced, and well-equipped professionals who know how to take care of every little detail regarding your HVAC system. Do not hesitate, and turn to us to make sure you will hire the right people!


When our team starts examining your HVAC system and changing your filters, we will also offer you advice on the type of filtration to use and possible upgrades. With us, you will improve the functionality of your system. Make sure to ask our employees for suggestions, and we will see what can be done!


Changing regularly dirty air filters will make your AC working properly and more efficiently. By hiring a company to perform quality check up and cleaning, your device will maintain optimum functioning efficiently during cold and hot weather conditions. Regular cleaning of your AC filters will not only improve its efficiently but also speed up cooling and heating systems. A dirty filter can make your unit work a lot harder; therefore, waste more energy, and this will reflect your monthly bills.


AC filters are designed to clean indoor air. They also filtrate bacteria and viruses, which is why, if they are dirty, they disperse dust mites and other allergens into your room and create a real risk of serious medical conditions, such as breathing disorders, asthma, allergies, etc. Therefore, their regular cleaning is vital for your health and air quality.

Unit life

Clogged air filters cut the overall life of your air conditioner. They will not provide enough airflow through the system allowing dirt to accumulate among internal components of the unit. The result is a shorter lifespan for your device and possible malfunction.


Efficiently working air conditioners reduce air pollution, carbon footprint, and this impacts global warming in a positive way. Clogged filters will cause the unit to pull more energy, therefore, more negative impact on the environment.


If you have a smoker in the house or a smell from cooking, clean air filters can even get rid of those bothersome smells and leave clean and fresh air. During a party, there are always smokers, and if you are not, using an HVAC system with clean filters is a great idea to enjoy the party without letting the smoke to spoil your mood.Larry's AC & Heating is the most dependable filter company in Bartlett, TN. For more information about our services and rates, please call us at (901) 203 - 0697.

Why keep the filters clean?

When it comes to your HVAC unit, maybe you are asking yourself “Why do I have to keep my air conditioner filters clean?” The answer is simple – because over time, they get dirty and contain a large amount of dust responsible for many different illnesses. Why hiring a well-known filter company is so important for you?

So, if you need a professional ventilation contractor, call Larry's AC & Heating, at (901) 203 - 0697 today. We are in Bartlett, TN.



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